As humans, one way we have known to show our successes in everything we engage in is by the rewards we get. Though there are different kinds of rewards we get at different times, one of the most common is trophies.

Trophies are not just ordinary items as those who find it difficult to get one may want to refer to it. They are an embodiment of our achievements. For many people that are engaged in different sports activities, they can relate to this easily or workforce of people who work really hard to get recognition for their hard work. It serves as a token of motivation for them which in turn helps them to do better and grind themselves at an upper level. You only get trophies after a great achievement or, in some cases, in recognition of your efforts of achieving a great thing.

We all have been in a set up where we have been appreciated infront of a myriad of people or in private, but whenever we have been, it has always pushed us to go an extra mile, who doesn’t like getting real appreciation?

Usually trophies and medals and other items are seen as a ‘product’ for touting but only one who receives it knows the effort behind achieving it, those sleepless nights and the hard work put in to ‘earn’ it and not classify it just another product.

The value conceived and the perception of the recipient apropos the meritorious outlook of the person is something that is highlighted in a small packaging which not only boosts morale of the winners but the participants as well since they aspire to be on the other side of the table the next time!